Toufee Launches New Academic Licensing For Educational Users

Toufee, the online beam cine maker appliance has appear up with a new licensing affairs that will acquiesce educational institutions to accept admission to the Toufee beam cine maker application. Under the new licensing program, bookish institutions can signup for aggregate licenses at a awful below pricing. Called the Toufee Bookish Account, this new annual licensing will acquiesce use of all basal appearance of Toufee beam cine maker appliance that will acquiesce educators and acceptance to use Toufee to actualize beam movies bound and easily.

“The Toufee Bookish Annual provides bookish institutions with aggregate licenses at discounted ante so that every educator/student in the academy can accept alone Toufee user accounts. We already accept a amount of absolute advisers and educators application Toufee for activity-based acquirements and this is abundant annual for institutions as this will acquiesce educators to use Toufee’s technology for alternate classroom acquirements in a abundant bigger way” said Sanchit Bhatnagar, co-founder and Director of Toufee at the barrage of the new bookish licensing program.

The new annual comes with all the appearance of a Standard Account, however, there will be no abutment for YouTube nor does it acquiesce beam movies to be exported to SWF files. Though artefact abutment will aswell not be available, a abstracted appointment will be fabricated accessible for educators and acceptance to column questions and admission answered queries. In addition, educators and acceptance will accept abounding admission to Toufee tutorials and Toufee’s Knowledge Base.

“The new educational licensing affairs is in band with Toufee’s connected charge appear allotment apprenticeship through our alternate and cutting-edge flash-based products” says Navneet Rai, co-founder and Director of Toufee. All bookish institutions in the United States and added countries are acceptable to apply.

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